Stray Dog Antiques started out as an online selling business. It is named after my German Shepherd mix, Zen, with whom I lived for 15 years. The philosophy behind the name is threefold--I wanted to memorialize Zen, who began life as a stray dog; I wanted to spoof those very serious, often nature-themed titles of antiques shops and businesses--e.g., Bear Claw Antiques, Blue Heron Antiques. (I thought of naming the business Crows Feet Antiques or Black Sheep Antiques). But I also had this idea that antiques were like stray dogs in a way, often found in unlikely places, not immediately friendly or suitable for bringing home. Both benefit from love and an investment of time (and often money) to transform them into thriving members of the family. A silly notion, but one that held me sway.


Because of its wintry location, Stray Dog Antiques will be closed during the winter months. The shop is open Saturdays and Sundays, 10-5, early spring to early winter.  Please check this site for information.


Take a drive to Ashfield and Get Lost in the Past.


Stray Dog Antiques

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